Ayam Be Tutu

ayam betutu

One of Balinese culinary heritage is Ayam Be Tutu. This meal is so popular even for non-Balinese. And Gilimanuk in Jembrana regency, is the ‘nest’ of this yummy food.

Gilimanuk is like a door of Bali since it is a harbor area where the ship brings many people come in and out Bali. No wonder, along the way to the harbor there are so many warung (food booth) which sell various food. Yet, most of the warungs in this district sell Ayam Be Tutu.

A couple years ago, a famous warung selling Ayam Be Tutu was never lack of customer. Every single day Men (Mrs.) Tempeh’s warung served hundreds orders. Unfortunately, at about two years ago Men Tempeh passed away and her warung was closed.

Standing on Mutiara Street at Gilimanuk area, Bu Lina’s warung serves two kind of Ayam Be Tutu: boiled and fried. It takes a minute longer for the fried Ayam Be tutu to be served. But, the time you have spent for this fried Ayam Be Tutu is not fruitless since you will get a fantastic dish: a fried chicken with crunchy layer on the surface but moist inside. The flavor is perfectly delicious with a complement of Plecing (a Balinese cooking made from swamp cabbage mix with hot sauce) and two kinds of hot sauces in different plate. The boiled Ayam Be Tutu also has the same complement but the chicken itself is served with little bit broth.

Hmm so Yummy..